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Aeronautics – Leonardo da Vinci

Eternal desire to take off has driven people to invent many ways to imitate birds flight and to fly to the sky. Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci described and drew admirable number of mechanical device to reach the final target – to build a flying machine. At his times it was as unbelievable as time travelling today. Secret diaries, which I used, are a prove of dead ends, which he got into while drawing technical details. On the other hand, his drawings are not only full of brilliant mechanisms, but also elegant art simplicity.

While constructing these amazing flying machines, together with my team, I was looking for the way to approach the stream of master´s ideas. At the same time, I did not forget that it all happened at the end of 15th century! Many things, which we already know from physics lessons, had not been described or invented and so were completely new for him. Despite that fact enormous sum of inventions and technical improvements in many areas of human activities brought him exceptional recognition and fame. And I have not mentioned his paintings and sculptures.

Dear customer, try to make these old inventions move. Think about his diligence and effort, which da Vinci dedicated to his idea to move mankind forwards. It is possible that there is a great idea in your mind waiting and that it will bring something significant to the future generations.

Yours faithfully Aleš Drašnar from Slavoňov

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